Old-fashioned reliability and commitment. A combination of mastering the basics, utilizing new technology and data-driven decision making, allows Dinklage to excel as a leader in the cattle feeding industry. We strive to create better feeding and marketing opportunities including specialty programs, such as NHTC. This establishes Dinklage as the top choice of progressive cattle feeders.

Dinklage's Financing Division offers a prompt, convenient and competitive response to customer's cattle and/or feed financing needs.

Make Dinklage part of your team and allow us to maximize your profits. Four locations to serve you in Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado.

We are always looking for the small things that we can do better than our competitors. That gives us the advantage in maximizing the customer's bottom line.

In today's ever-changing, high-tech feeding industry, being aware of those differences is the difference. The willingness to adjust, to change and improve is an attitude at Dinklage. A commitment to provide the best services to our customers.