Feed Truck Driver


Transports and delivers finished feed to cattle

Reports To:

Feed Manager


Proctor, CO

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

 ·        Operates a feed truck to distribute a quantity of feed to cattle daily by following specific standards regarding accuracy, distribution, and timeliness.

·        Corrects mistakes by shoveling overfed quantities back onto truck, cleaning up feed spills.

·        Reports feeding mistakes to supervisor so the appropriate course of action can be taken.  

·        Cleans bunks regularly including removal of manure and other debris.

·        Performs truck servicing and inspection according to maintenance requirements including checking fluids,tires, and lights alerting supervisor of any problems with equipment.

·        Performs daily preventative maintenance of feed trucks, reporting any maintenance issues to supervisor immediately.  

·        Maintains a clean truck by cleaning out trash, wiping out, and washing according to schedule.

·        Performs regular cleaning and maintenance of facilities including the truck garage areas, micro rooms, and batching areas.  

·        Performs weekly checks of truck scale and mixer scale.  

·        Teamwork and efficiency are expected as well as assisting in various departments of the feed yard when necessary.

·        Follows all Dinklage safety policies, procedures, and keeps up to date with safety regulations and requirements.

·        Professionalism is expected including courtesy and respect to team members, customers, and vendors.

Education / Experience

·    Experience operating heavy equipment.

·    Valid driver’s license.



Physical Demands

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