Yard Maintenance


Performs various maintenance responsibilities in the feed yard

Reports To:

Yard Foreman


Fort Morgan, Colorado

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

·        Maintains and performsrepairs in areas of the feed yard including pen bedding ground, feed allies, bunks,and gates.

·        Repairs water lines,cleans, and fixes tanks.

·        Puts out hay and cleansup any loose hay on the ground.

·        Sets wasp and fly baitwhen needed.

·        Mows weeds and maintainsgrass areas.

·        Performs dailypreventative maintenance on equipment operated for the day.

·        Performs meter readingsand precipitation readings.

·        Completes regular washingand cleaning of equipment inside and out.

·        Maintains regularhousekeeping of shop, pump houses, and storage areas.

·        Teamwork and efficiency are expected as well as assisting in variousdepartments of the feed yard when necessary.

·        Follows all Dinklage safety policies, procedures, and keeps up to date with safety regulations and requirements.

·        Professionalism is expected including courtesy and respect to team members, customers, and vendors.

Education / Experience

Six months of related experience and/or training


Physical Demands

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