Proctor, CO

Proctor, Colorado : A 50,000 Head Feed Yard

Proctor, Colorado : A 50,000 Head Feed Yard

Proctor is unequaled for operational quality, modern services, and client success.

Located in Northeastern Colorado, it is in close proximity to several major packers. Proctor has proven to have the ability to handle any class of cattle, including high stress - high risk cattle. Committed employees and professional customer service gives Proctor an advantage over other custom feed yards. Certified for the following programs: Non Hormone Treated Cattle Age & Source Verified Cattle BQA Certified - Third Party Beef Safety & Quality Assurance Program

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Roy Waitley

Operations Manager


31838 Road 385, Iliff, CO 80736


(970) 522-8260


(970) 522-8269


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