Abundant, Quality Feed Supplies and Precise Rations

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Home-Grown, Harvested And Processed to Insure Maximun Nutritional Value

Dinklage's vast farming enterprise is the lifeblood of its commercial feeding operations.
Surrounded by some of the nation's most productive agricultural soils and water sources, Dinklage utilizes up-to-date technology and top-of-the-line equipment to produce, harvest and process the highest quality feedstuffs.

Dinklage believes that every draft of cattle deserves the opportunity to perform at its upmost potential. Quality nutrition yields ultimate conversions.

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Feed Production

Mill facilities are designed for production of the most efficient and cost-effective rations. The flaking and batching technologies have been a part of Dinklage since their inception in 1969.

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Quality-controlled, homegrown feeds make a difference here at Dinklage.

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Feed Batching

Computerized feed-batching systems contribute to precise rations.

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Technical advances enter our system when they enhance performance and efficiency. Dinklage understands technology and takes full advantage of every opportunity.